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Update Digest 14.10.2020

Firebase for push notifications

Many of our clients don't have their own push notification platform for mobile apps, therefore their customers will not be able to receive notifications from our app. Therefore we decided to invest in the platform and upgraded the system by activating notifications to the customers through the Firebase.  Now all the users, who didn't wait till the answer of the sales assistant and closed the app, will receive a push notification about the start of the live stream

Additional settings in the admin panel

Not all the options are equally useful! Some of the clients need to have a compulsory personal data collection in order to provide end-to-end identification with their internal CRM system. We added additional settings in the admin panel, which will allow to make data collection from the customers compulsory.  This option will be available to all the clients of the "Enterprise" subscription plan, and it will require additional activation in the admin panel. This option is not included in the standard pricing, and will increase the price of the stream once being activated.  collect personal data in

❗️Attention! This option cannibalises the service - it lowers conversions up to 3 times!

There is another side to this story - if our client is willing to reduce the price per stream, it is possible to do so by activating additional settings, which were created in order to improve conversions and efficiency of the service. For example, a client can record a welcome video and place it near the request form, which appears once a customer pushed the Eyezon button.

Soon all the additional settings will be placed in a new section of the personal admin with a detailed description of their functionality and terms of usage.

Open API

We are developing an open API, which will allow our clients to have direct access to our system, obtain all the necessary data and pass us the signals for management.  We have available so far  the following methods: registration of a streamer, buttons management, receipt of the files with statistics and some other.  In future the number of methods will grow. We will be able to control the server upload and take the necessary steps to provide its stable operation.

Working  with the service after the trial period

To ensure the service continues to operate after the trial period, it is important to link a payment card in the admin panel. When the payment card is linked from the start of the trial period, the client will be automatically subscribed to the "Individual" plan and will be able to continue using the service. If the payment data was not provided during the registration, the operation of the service will be suspended - the option to create new buttons and the Coupons section will be blocked.

Warning a streamer about a slow Internet connection

There is a new function, which enables inspection of the Internet connection and automatic notification of a streamer in case the Interned connection is not stable or slow to warn him not to send video content to a customer in a low quality.

Displaying the number of requests in the app

In order to improve the efficiency of the streamers' workload control the overall number of requests will be displayed

New data fields in the statistics export file

We added the following data to evaluate more efficiently the performance of the Eyezon service: date and time of the first stream, response of the website visitor, and his activation of the microphone during the stream.