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Update Digest 09.2020

1. Evaluating the streamer

Now customers can evaluate the work of a streamer when ending the dialogue.  Before closing the dialogue, a streamer will have an opportunity to rate the dialogue with a streamer on a scale of 1 to 5.  If a customer chooses 4-5 stars, additional questions will be asked to learn what it was that a customer liked the most.  If the dialogue was rated less than 4 starts, there will additional questions about why that rating was chosen. There is also an option to leave a comment about the received service.

2. Copying the button settings

You can now copy the settings of the buttons when creating new ones in the admin panel.

For this purpose you can copy the setting from another button to the current one:

Also you can apply the settings of the current button to others:

3. Copying streamers

You could always add un unlimited number of streamers for each button.  Based on the feedback we received from large e-commerce clients, when you create new buttons you often have to add the same streamers, that were connected to the earlier created buttons.  Now it's not a problem anymore: in the admin panel you don't have to manually add the streamers, you can use a new function of copying the streamers:

This function works just like with copying the button settings.  You can either copy streamers from the earlier created buttons, or replicate streamers from the current button to others.

4. Separate admin panels

We have finished a trial period, during which all the functions of the admin panel were available to both subscription plans: "Individual" and "Enterprise".

Now to gain access to detailed statistics you will need to change your subscription plan from "Individual" to "Enterprise".  This is why invoices will be shown only in the admin panel of the "Individual" plan clients. For our "Enterprise" clients the invoices will be prepared by the manager of Eyezon in the end of a report period.

5. Quick response templates

Based on the streamers experience of using our mobile app we learnt that it would be convenient for each streamer to have the ability to add to one's app quick response phrases and reactions. It's in our interests to provide the best user experience, so of course we went along with the suggestion and created a new function, which allows to create custom response templates and use them to answer with just one touch.  You can do it not only when starting a dialogue, but also during the entire conversation!

6. Improved statistics

We are staying on top of large business demands, and thus we have improved statistics on streamers: we added fields with products SKU, date and time of the first stream, changed minutes to seconds through a cross-client identity (for example, from Google analytics), added the option to track Add to Cart events after using our service.

In the advanced statistics we added an "event" for the first reply to a customer in the chat. Now all the clients, who would like to learn this type of information, can configure this data transmission to their Google Analytics.

7. Using QR codes

We are launching a new function for our widget - going from offline online with a QR code.

When a customer scans a QR code, he is being redirected to a temporary web page with an already sent request for a live stream. You can generate links for QR codes with additional parameters.

We have launched a pilot project with Eyezon-MVideo-Delonghi:

DeLonghi places POS materials with QR codes in the promo zones of the physical shops of MVideo (the largest electronics e-commerce platform in Russia). The QR codes contain a link to an already sent request for a live stream, they also have a code to a specific shop it was placed in.  DeLonghi streamers receive the request and show the live stream from the brand's showroom. MVideo will be able to analyse the efficiency of the streamers and the shops, evaluate the results and scale the project.  To make it all happen we simply added one  virtual button on the website, which does not appear on the website!

The image of QR code:

Customer user experience: once the QR code is scanned, a customer is being redirected to the browser with the window of an already sent request.

Streamer's user experience doesn't change: a new standard request appears in the Inbox of the mobile app.

8. Service status page

Of course we all want to know what's going on, especially with our service - whether everything functions correctly,  all the data bases are in place, the streaming server is on, and if the backend server is feeling fine.  Besides that, for many of our clients SLA (service Level Agreement) is important and they would to receive notifications about infrastructure problems.

Please welcome:

On the main screen you can see right away, that all the systems are active, you can also open each region separately and make sure, that 4 main systems responsible for Eyezon performance, are in good state.

If you scroll down you will see the history of incidents, which reflects all the problems, that happened to the service and which part exactly.  In particular, on September 17 we registered a problem with the video streaming service, which we were informed about by a bot at 7am, and our team quickly fixed the problem. On other days no problems were registered - the service was provided in the best quality for all the clients.

Here is the list of all the types of status:

We added a "Subscribe" button in the bottom of the page, so the system could automatically send you the status updates and inform you of any changes.  This way we hope to provide the highest speed of reaction and informing our clients of possible problems.

You can choose only those services, that you are interested in receiving updates for, or you can register different email addresses to receive notifications about different changes that occur in the work of the service and register all incidents.

That's all so far, as they say - subscribe, click that "Like" button, and stay with us in touch 🙂.