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27.01.2022 | 5 minute read

Wow – to test sport equipment online. Keep your sales staff in a good shape.

Decathlon outfits the athlete, be it novice or pro. The company designs, manufactures, and sells athletic apparel and equipment for over 80 sports in 57 countries and regions. Its lineup includes roughly 20 private label brands covering everything from combat sports to skateboarding. The company’s mission is to make sport, its benefits and its importance for wellbeing, accessible to as many people as possible. Kazakhstan has become the starting point in the company’s expansion to Central Asia. At the current moment the company has one physical shop and an online store in Kazakhstan with a delivery service across all country.



physical shop connected


active streamers


streams a month


average stream time


stream-to-cart conversion rate


All sport lovers are passionate about their sports and deeply knowledgeable about related goods and equipment. Many prefer to “test” sporting equipment before making a purchase which makes it an especially difficult category to sell online. 

wow experience.

To remove the border separating the online and offline worlds, Decathlon launched eyezon live streaming for a variety of sporting apparel, goods and equipment in order to bring a new dimension of customer experience to online shopping. Customers were able to have personal consultations with trained sales professionals who helped them to view the products live and from various angles. Sales staff also tested the sporting materials so customers could see the product in action and helped them choose the best product based on their individual goals and sporting abilities. 

activation & scaling.

To meet the demand of informed customers, Decathlon developed and trained their own unique team of 4 streamers who were processing on average 20 streams a day. All the streamers were working from one (and only) store in Kazakhstan, which delivers sporting goods across the country.  Ready to win the selling game, each streamer is a product expert in a specific sport or activity. Stream requests were evaluated and handled by the most knowledgeable streamer who was then able to provide recommendations (often based on their own experience) and simulate using the equipment for the customer at home.  As the service was rolling out, new experiences were introduced to customers including new eyezon co-op feature. Customers  were invited to share their experience with their friends (and teammates) who were also able to join the stream for a shared shopping experience. 


Customers were blown away by the high quality streams and product demonstrations by the deeply knowledgeable Decathlon sales staff. The stream-to-cart conversion rate was an impressive 6.12% and resulted in a higher average order value. Additionally,  90% of customers were satisfied with the quality of their shopping experience. 

leveling up.

Live streaming creates an opportunity for product demonstrations and individual consultations for athletes of all skill levels. Just like sales staff in-store focus on specific departments where they can build a deep level of product knowledge and brand expertise, retailers should replicate the experience with their team of specialized streamers. 

For innovative retailers without the capacity to launch live video sales in-store, eyezon showrooms are a turnkey solution. For multi-brand retailers, showrooms can connect interested in-store or online customers with brand representatives and niche product experts. It can also be used for promotional campaigns or as a space for hosting a larger product demonstration. In the sporting goods industry, showrooms can even be an exciting environment where professional athletes demonstrate how to use different types of sports equipment. Everyone knows the home team has the greatest advantage, win the selling game by transporting ecommerce customers directly in-store through eyezon on-demand live streaming.