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19.01.2022 | 5 minute read

Wow – to stand out in a crowded place. Personal shop assistant from a marketplace.

A multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company. According to data released by Euromonitor, Haier has been the number one global brand in major appliances for 10 consecutive years. Haier aims to deliver technology that adapts perfectly to customers' lives, empowering them every day. Haier offers premium and stylish products that use the latest technology to respond to the constantly changing needs of the modern home.

Ozon is Russia's leading multi-category e-commerce platform and one of the most valuable Russian internet companies, according to Forbes. The company provides its customers with the widest selection of goods and door to door delivery across Russia's 11 time zones. Its monthly traffic amounts to 150 million visitors.



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On digital marketplaces, shopper personalization is based on big data processing and search and purchase history. But this is not enough for brands who want to create direct connections with their customers in order to provide tailored shopping experiences. So brands face a big challenge – not to lose their voice and explore new ways to differentiate from competitors.

wow experience.

Haier, as an innovative and customer-centric brand, has found a simple, inspiring and scalable solution. The brand placed the eyezon “see live” button on its assortment present on OZON – one of the biggest Russian marketplaces. Thus, Haier was able to stand out on the marketplace and directly connect with their customers. It allowed the brand to provide personalized and qualified consultations about the products. Customers could feel like they were walking through a big noisy market and were suddenly transported to a branded store with perfect, individual service.

activation & scaling.

Haier has its own online shop with monthly traffic of over 600K visitors and over 40 branded stores in Russia. The brand launched live video sales at first on its own online store with 14 streamers connected to the service from 4 stores. They show on average about 6K live streams per month.  The next step in scaling the service was collaboration with OZON, when the “see live” button was placed on the brand’s assortment presented on the marketplace.  The launch was realized in a matter of several weeks, as it didn’t require any additional investments or preparation on the part of, and for Haier it was a great way to scale their live video sales and bring innovation to the way in which people shop on marketplaces.


After launching live video sales on, Haier had 284 additional live interactions with online customers, which resulted in a 17% conversion rate to purchase. More importantly, after having successfully negotiated the collaboration with, other eyezon clients offering electronics and home appliances have also requested to place the “see live” button on their own assortment present on the marketplace.

levelling up.

A lot of brands presented on marketplaces don’t have any physical presence, which makes launching personal live video sales quite challenging and costly. For businesses with no physical infrastructure, eyezon offers a special turn-key solution - “eyezon showrooms”. eyezon provides specially trained sales staff, a well-equipped space for streaming, sets up the service and shares the data on the service efficiency with the client in real time. All the client has to do is deliver the goods for the live streams and provide information for staff training. As easy as that, any brand can launch live video sales in less than a month, and enjoy streaming executed at its greatest potential.