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02.03.2022 | 6 minute read

Wow – to motivate someone to live an active life. Selling sporting goods as the first step of working out.

The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted connection with sports. Its broad and diverse portfolio in both the sport performance and sport inspired categories ranges from major global sports to regional grassroot events and local sneaker culture. The Russian branch of the adidas chain includes a total of over 460 widely diversified stores in all of the largest cities in the country, and its online store enjoys 3.5 million website visitors on a monthly basis.



physical shops connected


trained streamers


streams a month


average stream time


For the majority of people it is very challenging to make sports a part of their lifestyle. The hardest part is to take the first step. And usually this step is made in the physical shop with sporting goods, where professional sales staff help, motivate, support the initiative and make you feel athletic. No ecommerce store can replicate this experience, as it is very tightly connected to real life human contact.

wow experience.

Being one of the most recognized, credible, and iconic brands both on and off the field of play, adidas in Russia launched on-demand live video sales on a selected assortment of goods for men, women and kids. Now with eyezon, online customers could take a very physical step into a sporting goods store even when shopping online. Sales assistants provided customers with professional consultations, showcasing the products and addressing all possible concerns. 

activation & scaling.

Prior to launching live video sales, the eyezon service had to go through a serious security check in response to the high security requirements of the adidas brand. Having successfully passed the check and after receiving approval from the global team, the see live button was placed on the online adidas store in Russia on a selected assortment of goods. Two shops were connected to the service, and the number of streamers gradually increased to 42 sales assistants. On average, there are 8 product streamers active on a daily basis resulting in up to 17 live video consultations a day. 

The next stage in scaling the service was to improve the service performance. To increase conversions from button clicks to sent requests, a welcome video was added to the first screen of the widget, which increased the number of sent requests by 0.5%. Additional information was placed in the query window with the schedule of when the streamers were available. 


Online customers demonstrate a very high interest in live video streams, as they click on the see live button over 60 000 times a month. Overall, adidas in Russia conducts  over 500 video streams with its online customers with an average stream duration of 0.53 seconds.     

leveling up.

To become even closer with online customers, any sporting brand can integrate live streaming into their ad campaigns run both online and offline. eyezon ads provide a unique opportunity to directly connect with customers without making them leave the platform where they saw the ad, as the interaction happens right away in the same place – it can be a media channel, or any social media including TikTok or Instagram. 

eyezon ads can also become a great addition to events, which sporting brands often organize or sponsor. The key difference from broadcast live streaming lies in the personal approach, as every eyezon live stream is on-demand and tailored to the specific interests of the person requesting the live stream.