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08.02.2022 | 6 minute read

Wow – to buy a car online is now the new norm.

Volkswagen Belarus.

Represented by a Atlant-M dealer-distributor of VW in Belarus, Atlant-M is a large association of companies in the CIS (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus). The Atlant-M brand portfolio currently includes 10 car brands: Volkswagen, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, KIA, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Geely and Skoda.



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Only one in three consumers are “very satisfied” with the current dealership model, according to recent research by Cox Automotive. The process of buying a car is time-consuming. The necessary visit to the dealership with a preliminary appointment to see the car live comes as a huge contrast to the seamless and flexible shopping experiences people got used to when buying online. 

wow experience.


Based on the eyezon live-streaming sandbox solution, Volkswagen Belarus introduced a new holistic way to shop for and buy cars online. Customers can instantaneously be connected with sales assistants to take a virtual tour of the car, explore its features and customization options, live.  And make the purchase right away, as they would have done were they actually visiting the physical showroom.  

activation & scaling.

Volkswagen Belarus began to test the eyezon service in July 2021. The “see live” button was placed on 4 SKUs and 6 sales associates were connected to the service. The product streamers were provided with new phones, which had the eyezon app pre-installed. It was also ensured that the WiFi connection was of sufficient speed and stable for great video quality and uninterrupted interactions with online customers.  In the current service usage scenario, a mandatory contact form was enabled to gather personal information from the customers before they could send a request for a live stream. Therefore, apart from providing a unique customer experience, the company uses the service to increase the number of prospective leads.  However, this also leads to a higher bounce rate of button clicks to sent requests. To tackle this issue, Atlant-M activated an additional feature of a “welcome video”, which was placed in the query pop-up window near the contact form. In the video, a sales assistant explains how the service works, which has led to an increase of sent requests to 150 a month.  The company has launched an additional campaign promoting the service by placing stories and posts on social media, and also has  a “see live” button on the main page banner. After clicking on the banner, a customer is automatically redirected to the eyezon widget.  


The major achievement was that an actual car purchase was made with eyezon. It once again proves that on-demand live streaming is a powerful solution that can be applied to any industry, including big ticket items, like a car. Overall, online customers show great interest in the possibility of seeing the car models live. Yet the service is still a novelty for them, so there is great room for improvement of the service performance. 

leveling up.

For car dealerships finding a target audience has always been a challenge. Even when a customer is loyal to a brand and considers a specific model, how can one ensure a client comes to the specific dealer to sign the contract? We at eyezon believe that it is a unique customer experience and a chance for the  sales associate to build trust with a prospect client. To scale this competitive and powerful advantage we offer eyezon ads, which turn any ad format, print or digital into a live interaction between  your customers with the most influential people in business, the sales representatives.  

In the auto industry, the after purchase services and upsales play a great role in the whole business ecosystem. With eyezon ads, car dealerships can upgrade this sphere of business with live connection to their services as well as bank representatives and other agents that provide the ultimate brand usage experience.