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21.01.2022 | 4 minute read

Wow – to be in two places at once. A new phygital shopping experience.

A global leader in the specialty coffee and espresso category, it is known for superior Italian design and breakthrough technology. De’Longhi is present in over 123 countries and creates products in three main categories: espresso, specialty cooking and home comfort. After more than a century of perfecting its products, De’Longhi remains committed to creating innovations that bring convenience and style into every customers’ home; making the everyday better.

M.Video is the largest Russian consumer electronic retail chain by revenue. It has 542 stores in over 150 cities. M.Video is becoming a universal retailer in the household appliances and electronics sector, providing excellent customer experience, premium service and new products from leading electronics brands. The M.Video brand is meant to deliver a unique form of emotional engagement and to provide customers with an attractive offer while conveying the benefits associated with long-term loyalty. 



De’Longhi showrooms connected 


active streamers


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average stream time


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The major challenge for all brands presented in multi-brand physical shops is to provide customers with very professional, qualified, expert service and consultations about the products. Even the best shop assistants in such stores cannot be top-experts on a specific brand or know the small details of niche or specialized products.
And it is especially important for a brand such as De’Longhi who is well-known for its high appreciation of superior quality in the espresso and specialty coffee category.
So here the brand faced the challenge: how to satisfy passionate coffee enthusiasts without their own brand ambassadors at the venue?

wow experience.

De’Longhi and M.Video collaborated in launching a completely new experience for its customers. They placed QR codes on the instore materials near De’Longhi products so that MVideo customers could be directly connected via eyezon on-demand live streaming with the brand’s consultants from the showroom. De’Longhi representatives offered personalized and detailed reviews of the products, answered specific questions, and helped customers make the best weighted purchase decisions.

activation & scaling.

De’Longhi has been successfully using live video sales with eyezon on its online platform in Russia. To scale the service, the brand took initiative and offered a new collaboration to one of its retail partners, MVideo, who was also working with the service. To launch a QR code-campaign, the only requirement was to create a new button in the business account. Instead of placing the code on a webpage, a QR code with a link was generated, leading back to the page with the live stream request sent. The request was automatically redirected to the sales consultants in the De’Longhi showroom.   


Placing QR codes in a physical multi-brand store has allowed De’Longhi to increase the number of incoming requests for live streams, have direct access to more customers, and provide a superior service even in places where brand consultants could not be physically present. For M.Video it was a win-win situation as well, as it cleared time for its sales staff to work with clients interested in other brands, and also led to more satisfied and happy coffee enthusiasts who had a chance to have a devoted conversation with the De’Longhi experts.

leveling up.

For many specialized brands, launching live video sales may create a challenge to provide the necessary traffic to their website, as they have to compete with other digital platforms.  But instead of competing for traffic, collaborating with brick & mortar retailers can be more beneficial for all.  

To level up the service and increase the number of live streams which have a high conversion rate, businesses can launch eyezon ads. They can be placed not only on print materials as QR codes, but can also easily be placed on banners, social media ads, native advertisements and emails. They not only become part of the sales process, but are also an efficient way to increase sales and provide after purchase services.